Interoperable Health IT Apps

PlasmaFHIR is a full suite of tools that helps YOU build interoperable SMART-on-FHIR health care applications.

With these tools, you can build applications that connect with Epic, Cerner and other Health IT systems.
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Patient Portal

PlasmaFHIR's Patient Portal is a web-based application that allows you to manage your health information.

It connects to any Epic/MyChart health system and was built using the Plasma FHIR framework!


  • Templates

    Use our templates to get your application up-and-running immediately

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    Drop our pre-built components directly into your application to get a beautiful application up quickly

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    Compile-time type-checking helps you to avoid bugs early and save time from debugging

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    Tools and Framework

    Our framework makes getting your app launched quick and easy. We are currently targeting React-based applications.

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    Educational Materials

    We offer guides and videos to help you build and connect your application. Contact us for training and consultation.

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    If you prefer to learn by example, check out our gallery of example apps all built with the PlasmaFHIR framework.


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